An experienced graduate business program leader and faculty member shares insights to help others avoid mistakes and address endemic issues.

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I’m Rodney Alsup & I do 3 things to help graduate program leaders:

1. I curate content that helps them keep up with the latest news in global graduate management education (GME).
2. I aggregate content that helps them keep up with the latest trends in global GME.
3. And I create on-demand learning that focuses on the Learner Journey as a Framework for managing graduate programs.

“The pretense of knowledge is our most dangerous vice, because it prevents us from getting any better.”

Ryan Holiday

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The GME News Digest is a valuable resource for any graduate business program leader, manager, director, or team member who is interested in staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the global graduate management education (GME) industry.

Here are six reasons for subscribing to the GME News Digest:

1. Stay Informed: The GME News Digest provides you with a comprehensive overview of the latest news and developments in the GME industry. You can stay informed about new program offerings, changes in admissions policies, and other important news that may affect your career or program goals.

2. Save Time: Instead of having to scour multiple news sources to find relevant information, the GME News Digest compiles all the news you need in one convenient location. This can save you time and effort in staying up-to-date with the latest industry news.

3. Gain Insights: Besides news articles, the GME News Digest also includes commentary and analysis from industry experts. This can help you gain insights into the current state of the industry, as well as potential future trends and developments.

4. Professional Development: By staying informed about the latest news and trends in the industry, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable and informed professional. This can be helpful in your career development and may open up new opportunities for you.

5. Avoid Attention Hijacking: Online information that is of poor quality or misleading can grab your attention by making you curious, angry, or outraged. GME News Digest currated content helps you avoid being tempted by harmful content, resist certain types of information and actors online.

6. Free 60-Day Trial: The GME News Digest offers a free 60-day trial that is available to anyone who subscribes. There is no cost to sign up, and you can easily unsubscribe or purchase an annual subscription at the end of the trial period.

Overall, subscribing to the GME News Digest can be a smart choice for anyone who wants to stay informed about the graduate management education industry. It can save you time, provide valuable insights, and help you develop professionally.

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Graduate Management Education (GME) News Digest

Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, curated and aggregated from sources all over the world by an experienced graduate program leader and faculty member. Content is archieved and available 24 x 7 for on-demand viewing.

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Reports summarize findings from an environmental scanning process I created and execute weekly. I scan and aggregate  graduate program news content helping graduate program leaders identify external opportunities and threats to their programs.

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Hi! I’m Rodney Alsup.

I have accumulated more than three decades of experience in teaching and managing graduate programs. As is typical in this field, I acquired my expertise through on-the-job training, and this approach remains common practice even today, more than 25 years later.

In an effort to assist graduate program leaders, managers, directors, and team members in staying informed of ongoing global trends in graduate management education (GME), I created the GME News Digest. My aim was to provide a comprehensive resource that would save them time, offer valuable insights, and serve as a tool for their ongoing professional development.

Rodney G. Alsup, D.B.A., CPA, CITP
Professor Emeritus
Founder, GME News Digest